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Accomplishment: Transitioned the Imagine Service to IST


Imagine is a service that provides over 2000 campus users with document capture, management, viewing and process-based workflows. It is used to handle communications, correspondence, disbursements and other records for a number of departments at Cal.   As part of a broader organizational change early in FY11, responsibilities for the Imagine service were moved to IST.

Deliverables: Michelle Kresch, Amy Kimball, and the Imagine Team (Nick Phelps, Patricia Juarez, Rich Meyer and Patrick McGrath) delivered the following:

  • Completed financial and activity analysis, funded through FY12
  • Completed hiring processes, stabilized team and service operations
  • Completed Imagine system upgrades and new reporting platform
  • Integrated Imagine with Bearbuy/Sciquest
  • Hosted Perceptive Software Regional User Group, presenting Imagine upgrade process experiences
  • Presented and demonstrated the Imagine Services to BPAWG, IST and prospective customers
  • Engaged existing and new customers with project and service planning
  • Sustained operations for the platform for imagine's campus users


Transition of the Imagine service to IST has allowed us to consolidate and further develop skill sets in imaging, document management, workflow and information lifecycle management across a series of content management platforms. Combined with the reorganization within IST, this will allow us to also leverage practices across academic and administrative use cases.

Impacted areas:

The imagine service currently serves:

  • Accounts Payable
    • Controller’s Office
    • Residential and Student Services Program
  • Billing and Payment Services
    • Controller’s Office
  • Re-imbursement Tracking and Approvals (Travel System)
    • Controller’s Office
  • Correspondence Tracking
    • Chancellor’s Office
  • Student Records & Transcripts
    • Office of the Registrar
    • University Extension

Strategic Alignment:

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