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Overall thoughts

Every time a person's name appears in the interface (e.g. "Created by" "Last modified by" "Review by"), I think it should be a link back to that person's entry on It might be styled so that it doesn't appear to be a link until you hover over it, but it should still be there. This will further increase accountability, and make it easier to track down someone doing something inappropriate. It also gets past the problem of folks with the same name. For example, there are currently 6 "Jason Wu"'s on campus.

(Proabbly for a future version) There should be a way to browse by category, not just search.

Front page:

Graphic: What does it have to do with the site?  (it's really pretty, but I'm not sure why it's there.) Maybe that's sticking my nose too far into design?

Intro text:

Should be more scannable (more bullets, less long-form text)

Should include an link to add new products

seems to be pushed too far down into the lower-left corner.

Add product

(Note: I wasn't sure if adding a new product would screw things up, so I didn't actually click submit)

The "Keywords and Categories" section is not consistent with its contents. If it was consistent, it would be named "Categories and Tags", but maybe that inconsistency makes it clearer?


Clicking on the "Create Content" breadcrumb in the breadcrumb line tales me to the page Should we be letting folks at this page? If so, the "Create Review" link should probably be hidden--how do I create a review not associated with a product?

Product tags

Some product tags are showing up with hyphens between words (e.g. "unix-server-provisioning"). That means that either it's showing spaces in tags as hyphens, or people aren't picking up the fact that spaces are allowed in tags. Either way it's a problem.

Product Home Page

The "Please provide the home page URL for this product." wording could use some work--that's a bit unclear. Is that the download link? The best link for more info? What?

Extended Description/Product Details

The editor for the extended description looks really nice. I'm sure we will get requests before long to add the ability to include images, but I know that's a feature for a future version. (Or is it? I see that APBears has a graphic there. Can you just paste one in? If so, that might be added to the instructions.)


The instructions say "To use an existing support team: Click the SEARCH button. To create a new support team: click the ADD button." There are neither search nor add buttons in this section, and there's no clear direction what you're supposed to use the text entry field for.

There probably should be a "Not supported" link to allow folks to remove the listed support provider without replacing it with a new one.

Is this section supposed to only list folks on campus who provide support for a given product, or can it also be vendor support?

(Maybe for a future version): There may be more than one support provider associated with a give project. For example, The School of Public Health may support MS Project for their users, and The School of Business may support it for theirs. Who should be listed as the support team contact?

Select an Existing Support team

The box that pops up when you choose "select an existing support team" is pretty confusing, and doesn't really match the style of the rest of the site.

Create Support team

Under "Page Change Notifications" it should read "To be notified of changes made to this support team contact info page, add a support team mailing list here."

The box that pops up when you choose "create a support team" is pretty confusing, and doesn't really match the style of the rest of the site.

Revision information

This doesn't make much sense for a newly-created product, but it's probably not worth the effort to hide it for new stuff and show it on edits.

Product page

"View Revisions" might be moved elsewhere on the page, certainly below the "Add a review" and "Flag as Inappropriate" links

I know we've debated this, but I still think the short description should appear immediately under the product name at the top of the page. It's confusing that the user is required to enter it on the Add Product page, but it doesn't appear on the page that gets created when they click save.

What happens when you click the "Flag as inappropriate" link? How does that work? Can others remove a flag you place? Shouldn't there be someplace where you can explain why it's inappropriate?

Should there also be a "Flag for deletion" link to say that this product is old/out of date/etc?

Overview tab

(Maybe for a future revision): Is it possible to set things up so that the template headers (e.g. "Extended Description") are somehow set apart from headers that the users use within the text? The headings get lost now.

It should show the total number of ratings next to the "Average Rating" line. (A 5-star average with 1 rating is much less impressive than a 4.5 star average with 50 ratings)


The breadcrumb trail that appears when you click edit in this tab is very strange. For example, the one for APBears reads:
Home › APBears (Academic Personnel at Berkeley Electronic Achievement & Review System) › APBears (Academic Personnel at Berkeley Electronic Achievement & Review System)
This should probably really read:
Home › APBears (Academic Personnel at Berkeley Electronic Achievement & Review System) › Edit

Reviews tab

The common expectation from sites like Amazon is that the form to enter a new review would appear on this tab (at either the start or end of the list of reviews). It's strange that it doesn't.

(Maybe--not sure about this) If we can't include the form as in the comment above, does it make sense to have the "Add a review" link appear in the upper-right of this tab, as happens with the "Edit this info" on the Overview and Details screen? Or maybe does it make sense to mirror the support tab where it says "No support team has been added for this product./Add a Support Team"?

Comment on rating

It looks like this page hasn't been laid out at all--all of the fields just appear in a list down the side. This could be cleaned up.

Entering a comment on a rating takes you back to the page showing that rating, not the ratings tab of the original product. That should be fixed.

Support tab

See comment above about how we handle multiple support providers for a given product.


The "All Tags" section is hard to read. It's hard to tell where one tag ends and the next starts, especially since spaces are allowed. (see for example.) If there are no tags, I think this section might still appear, with a note about "No tags yet: please add some to help others find this page."

"My Tags" sounds like it's tags that I can see, but not anyone else. I don't think that's actually what's happening. If it's not, the instructions should read something like "help make this product easier to find by adding tags that describe the product. Comma delimited.....(etc.)"

I'm starting to think more and more that the "Tag this" and "More like this" sections might be better placed within the overview tab, but I could be talked out of it pretty easily. I'm not too sure about this.

One of the clear results from the user testing we did was that the search filters should be on the left, not the right.

The sorting of results might make more sense as a pop-up (a la Amazon) than a "Sort By" section in the right column

The "Sort By" entries should correspond to the sections that appear in the results, namely:

  • Relevance (I don't think "relevancy" is a word...)
  • Tile
  • Last Modified
  • Average Rating

NewEgg does a nice job of telegraphing how the search filters work by including the filter category for each filter in the bit where you can eliminate filters from your search. For example:

Home > Computer Hardware > Hard Drives > SSD > SSD (x) > Price : $200 - $300 (x) > Text Search Terms: Kensington (x)

I also think it's kinda nice that NewEgg just applies those filters to the end of the breadcrumb trail--that seems to make good sense.