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Table of Contents

Web pages

Review for live

  • Browse and Curator on live
  • Reviews and Comments on dev

Leveraging Adobe Deal with TechCommons

Release package and date

  • Accessibility Testing
  • User Testing
  • Adding Single sentence descriptions
  • Reviews and Comments on reviews – including flagging
  • Notifications on changes to support tab
  • Student moderation protocol
  • Add links to technology web pages
  • Big fixes

Post-release tasks

  • Bug Fixes
  • Additional usability testing
  • Departmental views
  • AppNet work
  • Operational budget and plan – this impacts governance
  • FAQs
  • Sort by
  • Add links to technology web pages

AppNet follow up

  • Did any new feedback come from AppNet
  • Post release, I will have Brian give a quote

Heads Up

  • iNews article and Berkeleyan

User Testing

  • Devin:
  • Devin:
  • Liz:
  • Liz:
  • Lucia:
  • Luica:
  • Lucia:
  • Tom:
  • Tom: