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Table of Contents

Web pages

Review for live

  • Curent functionality of Browse
  • Curator role

Next steps

  • Accessibility Testing
  • Engagement with campus technology providers
  • Finish Browse – categories in alphabetical order
  • Reviews and Comments
  • User Testing
  • Workflows around support teams
  • Bug Fixes

Issues and Feedback

  • What to do with Single Sentence description
  • What is a support team? – Lucia
  • Flag as inappropriate; do we add a why box?
  • Accessibility testing – do we know anyone who relies on JAWS/screen reader?
  • Sort by
    • Proposed: Relevancy, Highest-rated, Author, Most recent
    • Remove: Date and Author
  • Viewing items supported by a team
    • Proposed: Create view like the curator role
  • Time to do next round of user testing; need volunteers
  • Thumbs up ranking on reviews does not display unless logged in
    • Option 1: Show the thumbs up icon and number of votes to non-authed users. If a non-authed user clicks the thumbs up icon they will be bounced to CalNet authentication before their vote is registered. (Rich: 3-8 hours to implement. Requires extending vote up/down functionality.)
    • Option 2: (Easier.) Show the number of votes to non-authed users (but the thumbs up icon is inactive). Next to the thumbs up icon a non-authed user sees the link "login to vote on this." That link bounces the user to calnet. Upon authentication they are returned to the same reviews tab, but they must click the thumbs up icon at this point to actually vote. (2-4 hours)
  • Adding an "I use this" button
  • News and announcements off main page with RSS feed
  • Adding links to Technology web pages

Heads Up

  • Student moderation protocol
  • AppNet meeting update
  • Process - Curator will decided clearly inappropriate items and escalate judgement calls to Bill
  • iNews article and Berkeleyan
  • Engagement
    • CORwE, IST, LSCR, AppNet have accepted
    • Spoken with ETS and contacted Student Affairs
    • Bill can you set something up with Frasier at EECS
  • Operational curator

User Testing

  • Devin:
  • Devin:
  • Liz:
  • Liz:
  • Lucia:
  • Luica:
  • Lucia:
  • Tom:
  • Tom: