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Earlier this spring I decided to sponsor the development a new online application to enable discovery of technology products and services used on campus – whether provided by the campus or by outside vendors. The site is called the Tech Commons and can be found at It has not yet been publicly released but will be in late August. A presentation of its business case, guiding principles, and initial functionality has been recorded as a BPAWG presentation at

The Tech Commons is an evolving tool. Our initial design needed to meet basic requirements around search, contribution, support, and reviews. However, it is ultimately meant to be a community tool for the common good of the campus. We see the initial design as a scaffold around which the community can request enhanced functionality.

Given Micronet's role as the largest technology forum on campus, I invite you to review the presentation and the tool itself, and provide feedback around the following issues:

1) How can the Tech Commons best support and complement the Micronet community and its goals?
2) Looking forward, what additional features / modifications to this tool would make this tool more appealing and usable to the IT campus community and Micronet?

Please respond to this post directly so that the entire community can weigh in on the feedback being given.



P.S. For more information regarding the Tech Commons, see: and