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Home page

This is the home page for the UC Berkeley Tech Commons. This site contains basic information about technology products used on campus; search and browse functionality to discover products; product ratings and reviews; and product support information.  The site is community-sourced by UC Berkeley staff, faculty, students and affiliates. On this page, you can search for a technology by entering keywords in the search box or browse across product categories in the browse section.  You can also add a product to the Tech Commons by selecting the Add Product link.  You will also find contact information, terms and conditions of use, and our privacy policy.

Search page

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This is the search and browse page for the UC Berkeley Tech Commons. On this page you will find the results of your keyword search or your category(ies) selection or if you selected the browse by product category link, you will find a list of all products in Tech Commons. To help you focus your search, this page includes category and tag filters that can delimit or expand your search by adding or removing these filters. To begin a new search, add new keywords to the search box.

Product page

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This is a product page within the UC Berkeley Tech Commons. This page is community-sourced and contains information about a specific technology product used on campus; these data are split across four tabs: an Overview tab that may includes a extended product description and a link to the product's home page; a Review tab that displays individual reviews and ratings of a product; a Detail tab that includes more detailed product information; and an a Support tab that includes contact information for product support and inquiry. Any of these tabs can be edited. From this page you can also add a product review; view previous versions of this product page and flag a page as inappropriate.

Add product page

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This is a form you complete to add a product to Tech Commons. The top two fields -title and single sentence description- are the only required fields. Beyond this, there are four field sets where you can contribute more information about a product: Keywords and Categories allows you to add categories and tags related to your product; Overview allows you to provide a home page link and an extended description for your product; Details suggest topics to address that might be helpful to other looking for products; and Support allows you to provide contact information around any kind of support provided around your product.

Create Support Team

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This is a form to create a support team that is associated with a product. On this form, you can name a support team, add contact information about the support provided for this product and, if you are the provider of a product or service, add a mailing list to be notified if anything on your product page is modified.

Select Existing Support Team

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This page allows you to search for existing support teams to associate with a product.